Monday, July 25, 2005

Not so fast

So, Jack and I just completed a two-day fast. We drank a lot of water with lemon and honey, and had nibbles of trail mix every now and then. I'm feeling pretty energized this morning, but the cleanse continues, with nutritional drinks in the morning and night, and larger, balanced lunches during the day. We're really trying to take advantage of this time that's been given to us while the tour gets re-routed. We're moving at a slower, summer-time pace and trying to get back in complete balance. Had a great couple of days on the bimah this weekend. Not teaching and lots of rest has given me vocal fuel to burn, it seems.

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Linda Kates said...

I think that it is so great that you get to regroup and reenergize!
I know what you mean about your voice having a lot of steam when you are well rested. Summer is such a great time to get healthy. The sun and warmth seems to nourish the body and soul. May all of you continue to replenish yourselves both physically and emotionally. :)