Friday, July 01, 2005

Birthday. Take a ch- ch- ch- chance.

Which I'm doing. Even with all of the support and kudos, I don't mind telling you that I'm a nervous wreck, beginning my day with a celebratory birthday throw-up. Lovely. We're going into a full rehearsal tonight, and I'm just trying to remain as calm as possible. Martin, the "Video Games Pianist" and boy genious who condensed an orchestral piece for piano and soprano and alto showed up a while ago while I was practicing our piece. Of course, the guy has perfect pitch, so I could quickly check with him to see if I was on. I think the piece has been successfully burned into my synapses, because I was on key and tempo, just pacing around backstage practicing.

Gracie has some kind of virus, poor thing. She is still languishing today on the couch in the production offices. One of the guys on the VGL crew has a PSP which he let her borrow. I see a PSP in our near future.

Jack is calm, and remembered my birthday, even in the midst of the chaos of his producing this show. I'm wearing a beautiful necklace at the moment. Gracie is even trying to be less contrary in honor of my birthday.

Well, I couldn't stop my birthday from arriving, and I can't stop the march of time toward the opening of the show. Why am I this nervous?

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