Monday, December 05, 2005

Before Kindergarten

I've become somewhat obsessed with my friend David's piece Hariu L'Adonai. It's this crazy piece in shifting meter, mostly in 6/8 + 7/8... that is to saying roughly 13/8. Or so. It's just a great piece, and I suggested that our professional choir perform it at our choral concert this May. The choir will need to work it a bit, there are some tricky passages where it's a group of three, then a group of four, then a group of four followed by a group of three. You have to stay on your toes there. It reminds me of 2.5D's music (when I'm able, I will post some of my old rock and roll stuff on this blog) only with four-part harmony and a post-modern classical sensibility.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... here come my kindergartners.