Monday, July 04, 2005

Jiggety Jog

Well, we're home now, and have been for a day and a half. We all were completely down yesterday. Gracie has a sinus infection that she's nursing, and Jack was past the point of exhaustion. I felt under the weather, so we all huddled around the TiVO and slept most of the day. Today we're all feeling revived and alive.

I spent the better part of this morning going through my phone book and calling friends and family across the country to let them know when we're going to be in their part of the country. It was great calling old friends whom I haven't seen in years, and reconnecting with them. I'm so excited for my family to come to the show.

Tomorrow the show is loaded into the Bowl, and Laurie and I have makeup consultations. Wednesday morning we have a rehearsal with the Phil. I'm going to go under hypnosis in the early afternoon, I hope. I need to just keep calm. Then... the show!

I lost around seven pounds in the last week just being nervous, which probably has adjusted my metabolism. Altogether, not a bad thing!

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