Thursday, June 30, 2005

We're here!

Gracie and I joined Jack yesterday evening in Irvine. We're rehearsing at an empty 20,000-seat outdoor arena. When we pulled in it looked like we were approching an abandoned carnival, which was cool and a little eerie.

It's an incredible thing, watching this show go up. We did an orchestra read-through last night at 8p. Based upon what I saw and heard this concert is going to be amazing! The video is beautiful. I had to break it to Gracie that we were singing yesterday, for sound-checking purposes. She was not happy. The moment is finally now upon all of us. Jack went into a detailed discussion with her about what exacly a sound-check is, and that seemed to help her get into the right frame of mind to sing. She sang her part at around 9:45 last night. She was brilliant singing with the orchestra, so my fears for her have been assuaged. I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be, and everyone seems to think it went well, although I think I have better performances in me than one I delivered last night. (Hopefully at the Bowl..!) I have pictures which I'll upload when I can.

This morning Gracie and I relaxed at the hotel and played a lot of Crazy Eights and War. Kings in the Corners next! We got to the stage around 1:30. Laurie and Martin arrived, and we have been woodshedding our Final Fantasy trio. It'll be pretty spectacular if we can pull it off.

Gracie is conked out on the production office couch right now. We go into a full blocking rehearsal in about an hour. Wow. We're really doing this...

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