Thursday, June 23, 2005

Suspended Animation

Well, everything is eerily quiet around the house with G gone for a week. Jack and I went out to dinner last night. That was highly unusual these days. I've never seen him this busy. He's been rolling on around three or four hours of sleep, but he seems to be loving it.

I think that I found a dress for the show. I'm just waiting for approval from the director. Laurie is in Arizona, and we haven't even seen the score for the duet we're going to do yet. Ulp.

I spent several hours yesterday just woodshedding my brains out. Today I kind of collapsed. Tomorrow, back to the grindstone. I confess, I feel a little guilty with my post-school-year lolling, while my spouse is moving a mountain in a room twenty feet away. We all have our destinies...

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