Saturday, January 12, 2008

In Maryland

Hello gents,

I'm in the greater DC environs right now, avoiding Oceanography homework (which I have now succesfully staved off for more than two days in a row!) and waiting for a woman I do not know to go into labor so that I can assist my beautiful sister and her husband in caring for their newborn.

I vacillate between contentment and discomfort these days. Most days go well, although there are still pitfalls. PTSD will do that to you. Look it up. This disorder can be tough to live with, but is definitely getting better as time passes.

I am working hard on my studies (well, not the last couple of days, but in general) and things are going great Oak Meadow-wise with Gracie. She is becoming a real thinker and scholar, and I'm so proud of her.

We spent ten lovely and relaxing days in Hawaii -- a great vacation competely planned by Jack, and which we all enjoyed immensely. It contributed to the ongoing process of knitting our family back together again.

If you are reading this blog, would you let me know?


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