Saturday, September 01, 2007


This is where I will be spending most of the foreseeable future. I am now homeschooling my 10-year-old, and have resigned my job. I will be teaching (aforementioned progeny), studying (still trying to be Cantor Shapiro for reals), and traveling (with one husband by the name of Jack Wall).

I think I'm happy, although some days it's still a little hard to tell. We have chosen Oak Meadow as our home school school and curriculum. So far, we love it. Plus I have G doing Rosetta Stone French, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain art, piano at NoHo Piano Academy, singing at Los Angeles Children's Chorus, and she is also a member of two home school groups. She has a new best friend and seems happy to me. My little A+ girl. She was always A+ to me.

No more schlepping on the 405 several times a week, sweating bullets, wondering if I will make it on time, no matter how much time I've given myself. I have one more High Holy Days cycle to go through, a few more Shabbatot, a couple of girls to nurture through their Bat Mitzvahs, and then, it's blond and pink hair for me in a symbolic casting off of the veneer I've had to don in order to pass muster these last few years.

Freedom beckons...

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