Friday, November 25, 2005

Write song, Sing, Repeat

Well, Thanksgiving is over... On to Chanukah! (There's always something looming.) Jack and I made an elaborate meal yesterday. He handled the all-American stuff, like the turkey and gravy and stuffing. They were delicious (although I don't touch gravy, it smelled good). I did the pies, veggies, yams, and made an unbelievable pomegranate sauce that went with the turkey. It was one of those sauces that reduces more than once over long periods of time, with complex and deep flavors. It was exquisite.

And now I need to go back into frenzy mode preparing for our yearly Chanukah program at school. This year the highlights are a sweeping rap tune (15 verses) and a Chanukah gospel piece. I'm referring to the show as the African-American Chanukah. The kids are more thrilled this year than any previous year. The thing is, the pieces are complex, and I'm worried about pulling it all off. I've got each class divided into two-part harmony. This is tricky when a decent portion of the kids are relatively tone-deaf and have no musical independence ability. But I'm filling the parts out with strong singers, and crossing my fingers. At least they're enjoying the selections. I wrote the music for the chorus in the rap piece myself. The kids are finding it very catchy. (Could have something to do with repeating it 15 times..!)

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