Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Well, with school back in session, it's been a bit of a trick getting my footing in terms of my schedule and my energy. I now have a glorious two-days a week to myself, today, Tuesday, being one of them.

I have gotten my composition software back up and running, but am having severe problems with native audio on my computer, and need to have that addressed in short order. This by way of saying that Tuesdays and Thursdays are designated Composition Days. What will flow, I have really no idea. But I will write pieces until I come up with something that has some value of some sort, I hope. Maybe they will mesh together in some thematic way, as yet unknown, due to the confluence of ideas originated by the self-same artist living the the self-same life as herself. Or not.

The new tour was announced today. I think there are something like 28 cities. Gracie and I will be singing at only a handful of them. Corkscrewing myself mentally back into that performance VGL-mind might be a bit of a trick. Or maybe not so. After all, I will have recently completed my second year of High Holy Days services. Nothing could be more challenging than that! Meanwhile, I rehearse for that apace. It's the davening that I'm most worried about now. So many Hebrew syllables crammed into such a short space with no musical accompaniment. Nowhere to hide!

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